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Making Plant Containers

Today we’re looking at recycling some old plastic apple containers into viable plant starting containers! The containers are the remnants of the plastic case that the apples used in my drying apples article came in, and I wanted to be able to do something else with them. Continue reading

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Mangel Beets

In my What I’m Planting in 2011 post I mentioned the Mangel beet. I wanted to give users more information on this wonderful plant, including a little history, and planting information.

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What I’m Planting In My Garden – 2011

Proper planning and research early on will determine the success of your garden, and ultimately how much food you can grow, and money you can make, off your crop.

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Grow Your Own Chicken Feed

Chickens are incredible bio-cleaners, and can eat all kinds of table scraps, fruit and vegetable remains, and grasses/salad leaves, but there isn’t always enough of this left over from your dinner table to support your flock.

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