Why Compost?

If you’re just getting into gardening or permaculture you might be wondering if getting serious about composting is for you.

Why to Compost?

  • Send less trash to the landfills
  • Make high quality soil at home, without having to purchase it from expensive hardware or lawn & garden stores
  • Increase self-sufficiency
  • Control the inputs into your garden (no fertilizers or chemicals from pre-bagged soils)
  • Increase the productivity of your orchard or garden

Depending upon where you live you might also need to compost to create enough soil to properly manage a garden. Every 6 years mother nature provides us with 1 inch of soil, and depending upon where you live there just might not be enough good soil around for a serious garden. Composting allows you to create up to 6 inches of high quality soil every year to enhance the quality of the soils in your garden.

More on Composting:
– Main Composting Page.

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