I have recently started beekeeping, and it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ll start posting to this area with what I learn!

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  1. Jason J says:

    This website was set up in 2011, correct? I am liking it so far, and do hope to hear your stories on beekeeping. For years I have been mildly interested in woodcraft, something most people confuse with “survival”, but this year, with a baby on the way, I have been getting more serious about it. Not planning to actually live totally off the land, but I would like to learn what I can about it and pass it on, half for pleasure, half for the serious need to save money and even live healthier. Your site actually appeals to me cause not only does it contain exactly the kind of thing I have been studying (found it by searching for chamomile plants online), but when I read what you said about humility, I knew this site is going on my favorites. That’s me, a 6’5″, 280 lb walking bag of humility. Hoping to see lots and lots of posts from this site in the future.

  2. Nathan Weis says:

    I would love to learn more about beekeeping and its tremendously beneficial aspects as it can relate to our everyday lives. Any info or links would be appreciated =]

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