Raised Grow Beds – My 2014 Garden

I’ve put a lot of work into combating weeds in my life, and nothing does that as well as a raised grow bed and plenty of Mulch! Since this is a brand new garden, in a brand new location, I really went all out on expenses, you could do this for MUCH less using free materials and your own soil. The total cost is still far less than the fruits/veggies would cost me in the grocery store, and for a much better product, so with that I’m happy.

The supplies I purchased were:

50 Bags of Garden Soil ($350)
120 Cinder Blocks ($165)
10 2x6x8 boards ($45)
40 Bales of pine straw ($120)
4 Rolls of Bio degradable paper weed block ($20)

The total project took one person most of a weekend to complete, and should render 1000+ LBS of healthy, all organic fruits and vegetables for less than $700. So while this isn’t the most cost effective way, it certainly will save your back weeding later, and is a good option if you have limited space and want to grow a lot of vegetables.

Take a look at these photos to see what I did this year, and then I’ll explain it.

Raised Grow Bed 1

During this stage I set up all the blocks (You’ll need them to hold down the weed block). There are 5 grow beds, each 10 blocks long and 3 blocks wide, and 2 feet apart from each other. That’s a total of around 250 SQFT of growing space. I recommend laying down two layers of the biodegradable weed block in each row, and then setting the blocks on the row as you move down to each next grow bed.Raised Grow Bed 2 Raised Grow Bed 3

I also used pine straw to help hold paper in place that wasn’t near any blocks. It’s important to allow for a good amount of over hang on the grow beds as you don’t want sneaky weeds working their way in from the outside either.

Raised Grow Bed 4

This is a picture of all the beds built, the next step was filling the outsides with pine straw after creating a wooden border that was about 6 inches tall.

Raised Grow Bed 5

This is a picture of the beds completed, and the pine straw in place. It’s about 6 inches deep which is enough to smother out any would-be invaders.

Raised Grow Bed 6Raised Grow Bed 7

At this stage I put the bags of soil in, cut them open and smoothed out the dirt. Each box took about 10 bags to fill up, with a good amount of  excess included for settling.
Raised Grow Bed 8

Here I made some stringers for my peas and cucumbers.

Raised Grow Bed 9

Here’s the final product.

The vegetables I’m planting this year can be seen in my article: My Garden 2014.



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