Thoughts on Humility

The dictionary definition of humility is:

Humility (adjectival formhumble) is the quality of being modest, reverential, even politely submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-abasing.

The thought of being humble came to me one night while I was deep in thought. I looked at the frustrations, problems, and short-comings in my life, and realized people I had seen who had mastered those problems all shared something in common; they were humble, intelligent, thought before they spoke, and cared about others. There is really something to it, and it’s something that I try to practice, although difficult, as often as possible.

In today’s society we are taught to boast about and highlight our good qualities, achievements, and feats. A life of humility demands swallowing your pride, and a level of maturity and life realization that few are able to achieve. It takes a lot of work, and is something to struggle with every day.

Humility as part of a simple life

Humility is a basic requirement of a simple life. You won’t have the flashy car, the big house, or the brand-new clothes to show off at your weekend house party. Realizing what’s really important in life will help counter the initial feelings most people feel when trying to live humbly and simply. This means an intense focus on family, friends, togetherness, religion if it suits you, crafting, gardening, and living close to the earth.

It’s really a mindset that most people raised in today’s world do not posses. People see more as better, and newer as more desirable, and unfortunately these things can trap us into high mortgages, credit card debt, and jobs that make us unhappy. Being humble will allow for less focus on material things, or self boasting, and more focus on relationships in your life and living simply.

Practicing Humility

Here are a few techniques used to practice being a more humble and well-rounded person.

  • Listen to what people are saying when they’re speaking to you. Take a moment before you respond.
  • Say what you really mean. Avoid being cynical or sarcastic. Be honest and direct to express what you want to say.
  • Think before you act or speak – fools rush in!
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